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We often offer our clients policies from Pacific Cross Health Insurance PCL as it is one of the most top-grade health insurance companies in Thailand, they offer a wide range of products to cater for all types of healthcare protection for you and your family.

Pacific Cross Health Insurance

gives you comprehensive protection at prices that everyone can afford that feature :

  1. Broad and Flexible Local and International Health Insurance Benefits (To Baht 50,000,000.-/disability)
  2. Competitive Premiums
  3. Guaranteed Renewability - regardless of age or medical condition
  4. Your choice of medical care providers locally or worldwide
  5. Substandard Risks Considered
  6. Sports Coverage

Ask us at Global Insurance Broker Co., Ltd. in Pattaya, Thailand for a quote. You will be surprised how in-expensive a great insurance cover can be.

  • Health & Medical

    Ultima Plan
    Executive Plan
    First Class Plus
    First Class
    Business Class
    Economy Class
    Maxima Plus
    Premier Plus
    Standard Plus Plan
    Ultima Plus
    Standard Extra
    SME Care
    Visa Friendly
    Long Stay Visa- Platinum 1
    Long Stay Visa - Platinum 2
    Long Stay Visa - Platinum 3
    Platinum Plan / Personal Accident
    Health Insurance
    Maxima Plan
    Premier Plan
    Standard Plan

  • Personal Accident

    Smart Plan/Personal Accident

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